"Holistic Osteopathic Pediatric Essential carel"

New Patients


You're in healing hands.

The first visit with the doctor will last approximately 90 minutes.


The first 30 minute period is used to gather the history.  This is usually done with the mother or father alone and not in front of the patient. It may be helpful to bring another person to stay with the child, or the child can stay with the medical assistant while the history is taken.


The second 30 minute period consists of an evaluation of the child. Often, gentle osteopathic manipulation is done. The parent  may be in the room, or the parent may wait in the front. Some children do better when the parent is not in the room and the child is accompanied by our specially trained medical assistant.


The last 30 minutes are used to explain the findings of the doctor to the mother, father, or caregivers and to recommend a course of  treatment. 


For the first visit, you are encouraged to come at least 15 minutes early to acquaint yourself with the center and to fill out any additional papers that are needed.

Please review the new patient form, fill in the necessary information, and sign the "consent for treatment" and "HIPAA privacy form."

You can find this form through our Dropbox link by clicking on the button below.  **Click Here**


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